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If you're interested in purchasing one of the rods listed on the page, please contact us by one of the methods listed below and we will get the rod out to you by the following business day! 

Accepted Payment Methods

Price List

Price List Valid as of August 1, 2019

Epic Fly Rods

  • Epic 370, 476, and 580   -   $700

  • Epic 686 and 888   -   $725

  • Epic 590C, 690C, 890C, and 1090C   -   $890 

  • Epic 411   -   $900

Steffen Bros. Fly Rods

              3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Weight Rods   -   $675

Retail Outlets

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Epic 580 - 8'0" 5-weight

Epic 686 - 8'6" 6-weight

Epic 590c

9' 5 Weight Carbon Fiber

A great all-around high performance carbon fiber rod.  Red wine wraps, redwood insert, and a snub nose grip.


Epic 580

8' 5 Weight Fiberglass Rod

The classic feel of glass with a faster, modern action.  The best of both worlds.  A dry fly dream. Available at Gates AuSable Lodge in Grayling, MI. 


Epic 476

7'6" 4 Weight Fiberglass Rod

A perfect small stream rod that roll casts like a dream.  Dry flies are a perfect match. Available at Gates AuSable Lodge in Grayling, MI. 


Epic 411

11' 4 Weight Trout Spey

A fantastic choice for swinging wet flies or streamers for trout or smallmouth bass!  Incredible action. 


Epic 686

8'6" 6 Weight Fiberglass Rod

Some believe this is the best-casting Epic taper.  Streamers, big dries, nymph rigs - it does it all.  Available at Gates AuSable Lodge in Grayling, MI. 


Fly Rod Gallery


Take a look at the builds we've completed in the last year.  The rods below are a combination of our own creations and customer-directed builds.  We can build to suit every need whether you want a classic-looking rod or something a little flashier and modern.