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The Fly Shop

Flies that just work. 

Tying standard patterns over and over again is where our journey started.  We feel as if perfect practice makes perfect, which is how each order is completed.  


However, unlike the days of standard patterns, we branched out and begun creating our own patterns.  The process of creating and testing is one of our favorite things to do.  You reap the rewards as a customer because each of our patterns has been tweaked and tested to ensure you're getting a bug that's guaranteed to catch fish. 


You'll find a mix of "tried and true" flies as well as some custom flies in our online shop.  Pick up both and have the confidence that you're using a durable fly tied with the best materials possible.  

The Frenchie was created out of competitive nymphing.  It quickly became the "go to" nymph  - and for good reason!

Top Nymph

The Autumn Splendor has been sensational for all sorts of species.  Pick up a few and fish with confidence! 

Top Streamer

This "buggy" mayfly emerger has worked when nothing else will - whether there's a hatch or not.  Tie one on and wait for the rise.

Top Dry Fly